Thursday, July 17, 2014

And when the night is cloudy There is still a light that shines on me Shine on until tomorrow, let it be....Thank you to The Beatles

It’s been so long my friends. Life was in turmoil again and I couldn’t focus enough to write. As it got less stressful I still couldn’t write. I have never suffered from such a creative block in my life. I was drowning in myself. Publically I was still me but inside I have been quite different. I recently picked up my embroidery again and it has been the best medicine. I am coming back into myself and maybe I can write a little.

Part of the reason I cannot write like I was is that I never have a moment’s peace. I used to be able to hide a bit and have time for me. This is a thing of the past. It is a lot like it was when our kids were little. Only to me that was a joy. A child’s innocent voice and joyful laughter are among the greatest gifts in the world. I miss those days. I hope that someday I will have grandkids and get to live that again.

I believe that Scotty like myself had felt like he had fallen into a pit. He barely rode his bike anymore and recently my active husband has returned. He is riding his bicycle again. His mood is more carefree and he seems to have thrown off that shadow. Thank the Lord. He has always been a very caring person and he feels things deeply. I love my man. I feel as though I am blessed to have found him. I know that I give him trials but I certainly don’t mean to.

The dog days of summer are so hot this year. I am trying to amp up on my walking and I am just so blazing hot most of the time that walking is a big chore. Moral to this story? Don’t let yourself get as out of shape as I have allowed myself to. I really want to get in good enough shape to be healthy and maybe walk in a Disney 5k or two. Cross your fingers for me. I am rambling now so this is the end of this update.

Peace and love to all.