Monday, August 12, 2013

If I'd forgotten how to sing before I'd sung this song I'll write it all across the wall before my job is done And I'll even have the courtesy of admitting I was wrong As the final words before I'm dead and gone......Thank you Brendon Urie and Panic! at the Disco.

Daily thoughts from the “Evil Queen” throne….or whatever enters my mind….Bwah hah hah!!
So what thoughts cross my mind in my throne….good question my friends. I can report that my scary writing has jumped rather well. But when my own writing scares me I need to mellow the heck out. Or not. What do people like to read? I personally love a good scary book. Seeing my glowing face in the mirror across the long hall from me in the dark while reading said scary book not quite as fun. But it is darn funny.

When you read a book do you read different characters with different voices? I do with some characters. I have favorite books with characters that I love and have created voices and personalities for them. Does whether you like a character or not affect how you read them? If a character is really a hateful one I hear a sinister voice, a voice that can set your teeth on edge.

If you write do you guide your character or does the character guide your writing. I have been asked by my test readers about characters in my stories about where they are going or what is going to happen with them. My answer is always I don’t know, they haven’t told me. It’s true too. I have an idea of the path that my story will take but when I am writing the characters and actions write themselves as I am going.
The real problem lays with when they stop talking to me. I can be going really good and be distracted for just 30 seconds and it’s all gone. Or worse when we had the fire and I thought I had lost it all on my computer. Thankfully Scotty was checking his email and he realized that I had sent it to him.  I have it again but I lost my train of thought. I lost my characters.

Maybe that is what my attraction to my “throne” is. Maybe I am hoping that I can recapture that fire fly in a jar again. Is this writer’s block? Or was my book not as good as I thought it was? I feel like maybe they are still there, I just need to reconnect with them. Like an old friend you run into after years of being apart. I really hope it is that way me with my book.

I have started writing again though, I started a book that I am not sure where it is going, where it has been, or how old it will get. I am just goofing off……

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goodnight and thank you Huevo She is in every magazine Been photographed, seen, she is known We don't like to rush, but your case has been packed If she's missed anything, you could give her a ring But she won't always answer the phone .....Thank you to the Madonna and Antonio Banderas.

This post had to start with a photo! We needed it! Progress, real progress! We have a roof and the windows are there ready to be installed including the beautiful French door for the back of the house. What a treat to behold. When I do the math I realize that in three short months from today I could be at home! Wow what a concept it boggles the mind.
Now what we have to go into the house makes a difference too. At this point there are 4 beds to go into the house but only two of them have mattresses. We need to get one more bed. My mom is on the fence and all over the charts about her bed. She wants a bed with drawers but she is short and well frankly most beds with drawers are high Captain’s beds. So the hunt goes on.
But, the big news in the furniture department is that I have finally purchased our living room and family room furniture. Not the side tables or accessories but the main pieces. For our living room we picked out a loves seat, a sofa and an easy chair with a matching ottoman. For the family room we bought a sofa, two easy chairs that match and a matching ottoman.
Now, I had held off on going to Scandinavian Designs because I mistakenly believed that they were much more expensive than they are. The best part? The furniture is made right here in California. We ordered it yesterday and they are making it to the specifics that we picked. I love color people so I picked out some really interesting colors you might not expect. But, then again if you know me you know to expect almost anything from me.
Are you ready for my color palette? There is Gecko, Aubergine, Mocha, and Dazzle in my palette. That is the sofas, loveseat, chairs and ottoman. I could be a brat and leave it at that, I honestly was going to do that. But I am better than that. Or am I? J I am going to post pictures of the fabric swatches when I transfer this.
Those are the living room colors.



Our family room colors.

Now the mean part. :) I am not sharing what pieces are what color.

The kids all picked out their beds. I am pleased to have that part over with. They are like their mom and picky. There was also some exciting furniture bought! And new furniture decided on to order. First what is to be ordered, Loren is in one of the large bedrooms upstairs because he shares his room with the dogs crates. I got to thinking that he might enjoy having a Futon as well as his bed in his room. The girls got chairs for their rooms. But, the best purchase of the day was in fact my evil queen throne. I can just see Maleficent sitting in it.
                                                      My throne

                                                     Kody's chair for her room.
I don't have a picture of Kacy's right now but trust me when I tell you is will fit into her haunted mansion room. Obviously my child. I am going to have a Disney Villain bathroom.

It doesn't seem so daunting to me anymore at least not the furniture side. I had nightmares that moving day would come and we would have nothing. But, now we do.