Friday, August 15, 2014

Lying beside you Here in the dark Feeling your heartbeat with mine......Thank you Journey

Tomorrow on August 16, 2014 I will be married to my love of my life for twenty-two years. I used to laugh when I heard people refer to their spouses as their other halves or their better half when I was younger. I totally get it now. Scotty, is the best thing that ever happened to me. Without him I wouldn’t be me.

Not only is it the anniversary of our marriage but it is also the anniversary of our first kiss. I remember it as though it was yesterday. I knew that as soon as our lips touched that this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He is a gentle loving man.

This man is amazing to me. When I was sick in 2007 he was by my side. He was at my bedside every hour that he could be. He would come to my physical therapy on his days off. His devotion and love was the medicine that I needed the most. He with family decorated my room in ICU with cards, notes, banners, bible verses, and photos. Even though I was in a coma he wanted me to see these things when I woke up.

Because of things he researched he knew that because I was a stroke victim it was best to put these things on the side of my body that my stroke had affected so that I look that way. So, I couldn’t forget about that side like so any stroke victims do. If he couldn’t come see me he would call me. At first the conversations weren’t the best. After all I had a tracheotomy.

When I was moved to a facility even further from home we could only see each other on his days off. We talked every day. I will be honest and say that it was a very hard time for me. I spent many a night crying myself to sleep. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t use my right hand or arm. I felt helpless. Once again my walls were decorated. Scotty my knight in shining armor coming through.

When I was finally released to come home he took on the daunting chore of helping me to care for myself. I could walk with a walker but, my right arm was still paralyzed. I had an ileostomy and a catheter. Not a treasure to be hold for sure. But, he was to me. Scotty took such wonderful care of me. He would help me to shower and wash my hair. This was huge for me. He also took care of my other needs. Quite a thankless job. But, we were together again.

I am not sure that I ever thanked him properly for that. I know that Scotty is one of the reasons I am where I am today. My hero, my knight, my love of my life, my ketchup to my fries, my yin to my yang, I could go on and on. I love you honey, you are my one true love. Thank you for being you. <3 o:p="">