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This is a story that I started a few years ago. I shelved it due to not being sure what to do with my bad guy. I think I am going to start it again.

The stars were shining bright the first time she felt the wild breeze in her face.  This was a breeze like none other that she had ever felt.  It felt as though there was a message in the wind,  a strange message that she had never heard.  When you are a listener you can often hear a message in any breeze if you listen hard enough.  Sometimes the message is simple as someone saying they love you or that there is something going on that you want to see.  This was a new sound, one Kara had never heard and she really had to listen to hear it all.

This was a message of seasons passing and life going on.  Peoples lives end and that means that their seasons have passed.  Sometimes it is natural other times it isn’t.  This one wasn’t a natural passing this one was evil.  And there were so many things that the breeze was saying it was hard for Kara to tell all of the parts apart.  There were voices of love but also scary voices of nasty things that had happened.  Whenever the breeze took control of her it would be like she was leaving her body and this time was no different.  She was traveling in the breeze.

The first time that Kara breeze traveled it was so frightening but now it was not so bad.  She knew now that this was what she was born to do.  Everyone has their destiny, sometimes we aren't so lucky that we know what it is but Kara knew.  Most of the time she didn't mind but when she was a little girl it was frightening and she couldn't go to school because you never knew when a breeze might come and take her.  Or for how long it might take her away for that matter.  She never physically left it was only her mind that traveled on the breeze.  Thankfully for her the family understood and had home schooled her.  She was afraid to fall in love because she didn't know how to explain the traveling to anyone else and she knew that strangers would think that she was crazy or a witch.  People already did anyway.

This time what she was hearing was different.  She was hearing someone frightened and she felt she needed to get to them desperately.  She needed to help them, but she was held back by the whims of the gentle wind.  Sometimes it traveled fast but today it seemed so slow.  Maybe it was because she felt a real need to reach her destination.  She wasn't quite sure.  She knew that trying to fight the breeze or speed it up was futile.  

Kara decided to focus on the other sounds that she could here maybe she at least maybe she would have an idea of where she was being carried.  This was something she usually didn’t do but this time Kara felt like she really needed to know for reasons she really wasn’t quite sure of.  The main thing she hears was sobbing person, not really sobbing, it sounded almost like someone trying to sob as quietly as they possibly could.  Kara was focusing as hard as she could, but it felt as though the breeze was leaving her.

Traveling in a breeze is very much like body surfing in the ocean, minus the water.  You are at the mercy of the tides in the ocean and the capricious moods of the wind.  Kara was usually happy to wind surf as it were.  Tonight it was different.  As she slowly returned to her body she felt bad because she really wanted to help the sobbing stranger.  She sat at her window look out her open window at the stars trying to remember everything she heard.  All the while urging the breeze to come get her again and let her try and help this person.

The first breeze that took Kara was when she was around five years old and it seemed like a dream and it wasn’t scary somehow.  She figured that it was better that it happened when she was little because your fears really develop more as you get older.  It’s almost like we condition ourselves to be afraid.  Maybe we are even taught what to be afraid of, Kara was lucky her parents had never  instilled the fear of things that were different and face it riding the breeze was not what anyone would call normal.  Kara figured that most people could actually do it if they ever took the time to actually pay attention.  Maybe they thought they were dreaming or maybe they ignored it.  All that she thought was how nice it would be to have a friend her age that understood.

here was something about this place and he couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  It was so cold, he had never felt such a bone chilling cold.  Sure he had been in cold places but this was different.  This was something he felt inside and not physically.   He felt as though he could feel someone looking at him but there was no one around him.  He looked around scanning to see if he had missed someone.  “No, there’s no one there,” Rick thought to himself.

He was a careful person, he had grown up in a decent sized town so he knew not everyone was as nice as they seemed.  He knew he wasn’t.  After all everyone has secrets, the only difference is the size and degree of the story.  Take his secrets for instance, no one would guess how deep his secrets were buried, or how many there were.   Sure he was a nice guy.  The type everybody trusted, a real boy next door.  The type everybody trusted with their secrets.

Now Rick, he didn’t trust anyone enough to tell his secrets, well not at first at least.  Usually it was the last thing he told them, you could even say that it was often the last secret they ever heard.   And he always told them privately like a lover to his lover or a confessor to their Priest as it were.  Isn’t it funny that the person you often trust the most is the person that you fear the  most?  It was that way for him.  He was sure now that he was safe and that no one was watching. 

He walked back to get his latest special friend, this secret was too good to not share.  Maybe this time it would be different, maybe she wouldn’t laugh at him, maybe she would even love him.  He almost giggled at the thought that someone could love him.  It made him giddy and even a little light headed at the thought.  He wasn’t so cold anymore this was definitely where he wanted to bring her.

He always liked his special friends and all the time he spent with them was so nice.  He needed to bring something’s here to make it perfect for her.  He wanted to make sure everything was just right.  It was probably the one of Rick’s favorite parts of making new friends and romances.  He hoped that her hair smelled good when he was closer, maybe he would get special shampoos for her so that he could be sure.  Aesthetics were so important to him, everything had to be just right or her couldn’t enjoy it as much.

He just wished that the darn breeze would stop blowing, he didn’t like the wind and he wasn’t sure why.  It was just one more thing that he didn’t trust and he wasn’t sure why.  The breeze made him nervous and it made good smells go away and bad smells come in.  Smells that made Rick nervous.

“How did I get here?”  Lydia thought to herself.  One minute she was jogging and the next thing she knew se woke up in this dark place.  To begin with Lydia screamed as loud as she could.  There was no one to hear her.  The longer she screamed without anyone hearing the more frightened Lydia became.  Why didn’t anyone hear her?  Now her throat her and all she could manage was a small whimper.

Rick hated to hear anyone scream, it made him both sad and angry.  He didn’t like it when he was angry, Rick became a different person when he was angry.  No one liked him like that.  He could hardly wait until they finally met, the anticipation was building in him.  Rick just knew that she would like him.  Rick almost hummed as he was bringing back the supplies that he needed.  Most of his “girlfriends” liked him at first, they almost seemed glad to meet him.  Why did it have to change.

Lydia was so confused, how did she get to where she was?  Her head hurt and it felt as though she had been sleeping.  She was trying to remember what had happened before she had fallen asleep.  Or was she really asleep?  Or had she been unconscious?  If she had been unconscious how did she come to be that way?  She realized that her wrist were tied and she was working to loosen them.  The more she seemed to wake up the more frightened she became.

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