Sunday, April 21, 2013

The fire fighters.......

The fire fighters seemed forever to get there. I know that time didn’t move that slowly but it sure felt like it did. Not long after the 4 fire trucks showed up so did the news crews. Now I never watch the news stories on the victims because I feel that it is invasive. I try to stick to the high road. We had every Sacramento news channel there, and there I stood in my dorm shirt nightgown. No pants…..I was a sight to see. No glasses, no pants and a night shirt that barely touches my knees. Do I want to be interviewed? No not really but I will talk to you in case one of my loved ones sees this on the news, but don’t film me. Well there was more than one news channel that showed my fat ass. Not a happy camper.
Here you are a helpless victim to a fire, and you are watching your home burn down. It is a helpless feeling, it was like being alone in a crowd. I waffled on whether to call my niece and nephew. I didn’t want to call them in the middle of the night. What a rude awakening. But I did call them they needed to know. The poor things the first thing they thought was that there was something wrong with my mom. Thank God it wasn’t that. They both got out of bed and came straight over to take care of us. Ryan and his wife Celina both stayed as long as they could. Ryan went into the house with Scotty more than once to get things out like my glasses and two Mickey Mouse dolls. One that I had intended to give to my great nephew Jason and the other that Loren had bought for me in November.
Stephanie stayed all day. I also need to mention that Stephanie’s best friend Valerie was there too as long as she could be. She took care of us. She went to Walmart and got me pants. Thank you Stephanie!! She also got us the things you think about in time of stress hairbrush, deodorant, tooth brushes and tooth paste. And flip flops! Although my feet had blisters from them they were a blessing. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing Stephanie was to us on Tuesday. I never would have held it together as long as I did without her there. 


  1. Weird. I commented earlier, but guess it never went through. I am so glad your family was there in your time of need. Kudos to Stephanie and her friend and Ryan and his wife..

  2. I'm glad you had family and friends ready to help you out. Small gestures from loved ones make tragedies like this more tolerable. I hated being so far away.......

    1. Laurie, having my friends everywhere has been a great help. Knowing that I can talk to you all washas been a God send.

  3. So thankful you had such wonderful help from your nephew, niece and their familys and friends. That is because you are a wonderful Aunt. I was so worried about you when you posted you had no pants! Way to to go Stephanie for stepping in there. I hated I lived so far away and wasn't able to come help~

  4. Leah, they are amazing people! I try to be a good Aunt. I was so glad to get those pants. it was so embarrassing to be out there with no pants and then to be on the news too. I will never live that down. lol I know that if you could be you would have been there in a heart beat.