Sunday, April 28, 2013


I used to love lists. Lists were fun things, there were lists for shopping, lists for gifts, lists for parties, lists for vacations, I could go on and on. But now my lists are things of torture, they are the things of nightmares. I have spent the better part of my day finishing out the lists of our lives. With major help from my daughters, Kacy researching for 7 hours today on how much the things of our lives cost, Kody adding it all up on the calculator.

What was a hard day had amazing highlights. My mom's best friend and Loren's best friend were here today. Belen brought cookies and cake. Such a nice treat because mean, mean Michele was not going anywhere today. It was also brightened by a laugh I shared with the girls. This is how pathetic we are for a laugh; after getting frustrated from sitting there for so long I stated that I was going to run away from home. Kody started giggling, then it hit me. I said and I don't have a home to run away from. The three of us had a good laugh. Probably the best since the fire. It felt so good to just laugh.

I know this is out of order and I mean to finish it up but lately life has been too crazy. I admire anyone that has ever dealt with all this BS.

This was found the other day in a drawer of my moms that Scotty recovered. To see this picture of my dad was great for me. Also in this drawer she found other treasures, most importantly her family bibles. She has stored them in ziploc bags so there was no damage to them. There is brightness in everything.


  1. I am sorry the lists you are working are not the fun ones like they should be ((HUGS))) Glad your mom got some of her treasures back. So glad you and girls have a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and very good for the soul. Luv ya

  2. Thank you Kelly. That laughter was great and really needed.

  3. You need to find laughter will help you get thru all the craziness of piecing your lives together again. I wouldn't like having to "list" everything out and price it......what a task. Hoping this gets easier and normalcy returns soon!

    1. Laurie, remembering everything you own is pretty daunting. If I didn't laugh I would cry. It is nice that we are getting into a house and I am really excited about it. I went thrift shopping today with Kody and tomorrow I am going with all of my kids. It should be fun. I am just looking for nicknacks to make the rental house into a home.