Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our house is a very, very fine house With two cats in the yard Life used to be so hard Now everything is easy 'Cause of you....Thank you Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young!

I haven’t blogged for so long. I was so sick for a while there with my teeth and it just continued out. I was having a reaction to my antibiotics and didn’t realize it. L Now I am better and get ready for a blog post and a half!!
They are tearing down the house! Demolition has been started. We went by the other day as is habit and they had torn part of one outside wall off. We were beside ourselves thrilled. I came home and got Scotty and Loren to take them by and at this point they had torn down all of the outside walls!! Progress!! Real progress!!

We spoke for a while with Adrian who I believe is leading the demolition at our house. He told me that they had found someone passed out in the yard last week. I guess that chemical toilet is just too big of a draw. After all the stars for a roof and your own private chemical toilet is a huge draw. Who doesn’t want that kind of glamour?

Today Loren, Kody and I went by. We got a chance to visit with a neighbor and watch them work. They are tearing of the roof!! I could not be more thrilled. This is amazing!! I know that deep down I should maybe sad for all that we lost but I see this as the beginning to our lives being normal again.

I look so forward to being able to be in our own home with the neighbors we have known for years. These are friends that have been a part of our lives for years and frankly they are like family. We have been through great joys like the birth of our children, and the loss of different family members together. I look forward to spending more years as neighbors to them.

Our house….it has a nice ring to it!


  1. So exciting!!! Did they give that guy a ticket for trespassing? What a nut job.

  2. No, he crew just told him that he needed to leave. I am amazed at the levels that people will sink to.

  3. Hooray for progress! Hopefully you won't have squatters in there during the re-build. Send hubby down there to camp out one evening with a big can of bear spray (mace). Word will get around. LOL

    1. Lisa, I truly have considered that! I think they deserve that and more! LOL Word would travel fast.