Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dream weaver I've just closed my eyes again Climbed aboard the dream weaver train Driver take away my worries of today And leave tomorrow behind.......Thank you Gary Wright

Do have awake dreams? Some people call them fantasies. I prefer to call them dreams. It is a technique I use to brighten my day. I plan vacations. I used to just plan Disney related trips. I love everything Disney but recently I have broadening my horizons. I love to do the planning. I think that I may enjoy planning vacations a bit more than I enjoy the vacations.

Maybe the reason I enjoy the planning more is because my dreams are always better than real life. Right now I am looking at so many different locations that it would boggle my friend’s minds. I am sure that many of them believe that I know no other place to visit or go to than Disneyland. Mind you though…..I have been looking at Disney Cruises and the Disney Adventures. Among many other places though.

This is the first time I have ever dreamt of Germany, let alone Europe. Scotty my husband was stationed in Germany while he was in the Army and I am mostly German in heritage. So, this makes me excited to think about. I have no idea where we might go in Germany but so far I like Heidelberg. More Germany to look at. The history of the country excites me.

But, now that I looking at Europe I need to look at other countries too. After all I have to visit Paris! I heard there is a Disneyland in France. ;) No, but seriously. Many years ago I read a novel of a woman who saved her money for years so that she could buy a Christian Dior dress in Paris. This captured my imagination. Not that I would ever get a Dior dress I would love to see that area. Silly I know.

I would love to see all of France, having grown up so close to Napa, California and actually living in the Suisun Valley of California I would love to see the wine country of France. Especially the Champagne area. I have a lot of dreaming (planning) to do! Of course this means research. Yay! This is exciting! I accept this task I have set before myself.

Well, if we're there how about Italy? Or Spain? Or what about Switzerland or Sweden? Oh this could take me a long time. Oh the fun to have. No, I am already learning German because I don’t want to be that person. I don’t expect to be fluent but I want some workable knowledge. Now, I need to look towards French, Italian and Spanish. The Spanish might not be too hard, I took conversational Spanish in college. Also known as Mexican Spanish. Of course I remember almost none of it but I think relearning might not be quite as bad.

What do you dream about? What you do that gives you that rush that planning gives me? Happy dreams friends! 

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