Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's the terror of knowing What this world is about Watching some good friends Screaming, "Let me out!" Thank you Queen for the title.

Fear is the great equalizer. It is worse than that. The media feeds on our fears. My mom is a person that feels fear about all of these diseases that the media is putting out there. Now let’s couple that with her being hard of hearing. This is not a fun thing she hears half of a report and goes off halfcocked into the world. A prime example is this Enterovirus D68, the virus that the children are getting.
Some children have died from in it and there are children that are paralyzed. I believe from her fear that she believes that she needs to worry about. Never mind the fact that they have endlessly reported that it is a disease that hits children and very few teenagers. Because adults and older teenagers have been exposed to it by now at one point or another.

If she hears about a child being sick the first thought she has is that the child has it and she needs to fear it. My husband is sick, he has a virus and is dizzy with queasiness. She asked me this morning if he was coughing. Her first thought was that he had caught the dreaded Enterovirus D68. I lost it. This has been an endless battle with her and I am at my wits end.

A few minutes ago she started reading an article about the gentleman in Texas who has Ebola. Now, I have told her time and again that we do not traveled to Africa. We do not at this point have any friends who have recently traveled to Africa. On and on. Sigh, the media needs to be clearer. If my mom is like this it tells me that there aren’t other people that don’t understand.

My only saving grace is that she has not learned out how to look diseases up on the internet. Then life as we know if would be over and she would be convinced that we all had some strange disease that we have no chance of getting. She can find her games to play, pay some of her bills, do her banking and read her email. She can read articles on AOL’s opening page but that is about all she can do. No medical searching. Thank goodness.

Happy thoughts to all!

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