Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away.....Thank you to the BeeGees.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I love to read. I have never made any secret of that love. When I was a child and I would get sent to my room I was thrilled to go. That just meant I got quiet time to read. I could sit with one of my books and escape to someplace else. Unfortunately my mom caught on that this was not the discipline for me. She realized that she was rewarding me. So, my discipline would be something that would take away that extra quiet time. I learned not to rock the boat. My books were my best friends.

My greatest and favorite gifts as a child were books. My Grandma Lorna and my Grandpa Egon were the major book givers. That was because they were truly book lovers too. One of the saddest things for me was when my grandpa couldn’t read anymore because of Macular Degeneration. My mom got him a big old clunky machine that helped him to read but it was too hard for him to use. He did use it to aid him in writing things. I bought him the Bible in audio form because I knew that would bring him comfort. He loved reading his Bible.

Before that Scotty and I would read books and pass them on to Grandpa. If we really liked a book it generally meant that he would. A few of my favorites were his too. He enjoyed John Grisham a lot, with his favorite being “A Time To Kill”. He went so far as to say it was the best book he had ever read. I truly got my love of reading from them. My dad read from time to time, my mother has rarely ever read. Although I do remember her reading True Story magazine and such like that.

I have had many favorite books growing up. When I was a pre-teen to a teenager the choices of books weren’t all that great that I knew. I mean if you went to the library the section allowed to check out from weren’t of interest so I would steal my mom’s books and read them. Treasures like “Coffee, Tea or Me”. Books where I learned about things like pasties at the young age of 9 or ten. Oh yeah good reading. Maybe that is why I am so into reading the YA (young adult) books now. I had enough reading about sex then. Don’t be hating on my mom or dad, after all I am the one that took them without their knowledge. Thankfully, I graduated to reading my dad’s books like “Exodus”.

But, among my favorite books from being young were “Pollyanna” and “Anne Of Green Gables”. I still love those books. I also read “The Little House On The Prairie” for some reason this wasn’t a favorite series for me. Grandma missed with that one. But, oh my! My reading world opened up wide when I was in 7th grade and the book we covered in English was “The Hobbit”. That book was amazing to me. I traveled with Bilbo Baggins. I was him in my mind. His adventures were mine. This was a world I only dreamed about. This captured my imagination like no other. Sigh….memories.

As I got older my friend Dina and he mom Mary introduced me to the pleasures of Stephen King, John Saul, VC Andrews and Dean Koontz. These books fed my mind and scared me half to death. I loved every freaking second of it, I still do. My very first Stephen King book was “Christine”. Oh my gosh I was hooked! But, it wasn’t until I read “The Stand” that I was really hooked. This was a book of good vs evil of epic proportions. Thank you, Dina and Mary for broadening my world.

Along in my life I have had many different people influence me in my reading and I have treasured every moment of the books I have read. When our kids got older and wanted to read different “older” books I decided maybe I should read some of them first Like “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone”. I have read this series more than once and right now I am reading it again. Great fun for me. Another great find for me was Tamora Pierce. She write wonderful female empowering books and I picked one up for Kody to try in the 3rd grade. I figured I better read it first and I fell in love with that series and author and the girls loved her work. They have grown up past her books, I haven’t. These are also books I reread on a regular basis.

I fell in love with the wonderful animals of “Redwall”, I have read every book in that series. Brian Jacques woodland creatures have provided this mom a lot of fun hours of reading. I would read them aloud to the kids and then when I went to bed I would read ahead. I had to know how they made out. Then wonderful thing about this and the other series I have mentioned is that they can be read by adults and children. Maybe my kids out grow them but I don’t

Don’t think I don’t read grown up books because I do. But, that will be for another time. Maybe I will start posting my book reviews here and maybe I won’t. Happy reading my friends. If there’s a book you love share it with me maybe I will read it. J

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