Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ch-ch-Changes Just gonna have to be a different man Time may change me But I can't trace time....Thank you David Bowie

Have you ever pondered how many different types of kitchen cabinets there are? I was so naïve, I thought I would go to Lowe’s and see maybe a dozen different ones. Silly me! Oh no there are far more. Oh so many more. It is enough to cause a person to dream of the cabinets. They have different colors, different styles, with glass, without glass……it’s enough to turn a girls head.

Then there’s the things that these different cabinets and drawers can come equipped with. Oh my! I have seen drawers that came with slots for your knives. Different trays for in drawers to make it more organized. I can just see how neat my junk drawer could be. There are drawers with the flatware trays built in. I kind of like those.
There are cabinets with sliding shelves. This is an idea which I think is great and convenient. There are my favorite cabinets that are built for corners with lazing Susan style shelves that turn so that nothing gets shoved into the back of the cabinet. We used to have a cabinet that I would only use part of it because I didn't want to climb in and find things. This is a plus.

Have you ever seen the cabinets with the clear glass doors?  Now let me ask you, who among us has our cabinets clean enough at the time to want the world see in to them? In theory it is a great idea but no thank you. Or the cabinets without doors? Oh sure that’s swell! Not for this kid. Then I saw in some magazine where they used some cute fabric curtains instead or doors. Not too sure about that either. Although I do like the idea about being able to throw the cupboard doors in the washer when they’re dirty…..Or changing the curtains when you get tired of the color or print. It is just a bit too bohemian for me.

When I went to Lowe's and looked at the cabinets I brought home brochures from all of the different cabinet companies. Kind of like wish books as it were. That will make the decision easier won't it? Laugh a minute here. I felt like a little kid looking at the Christmas catalog. Oh please Santa I have been a good girl. I want all of the bells and whistles. I want to be able to have all of the new toys. Not really. To tell you the truth I would give anything to wake up tomorrow morning in my bed and this all have been a nightmare. 

Oh the changes.....

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