Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"we're so sorry, uncle albert, But we haven't done a bloody thing all day. We're so sorry, uncle albert, But the kettle's on the boil And we're so eas'ly called away."....A special thank you to the Beatles!

Who would have ever thought that having too many choices would make things so difficult? I feel like I am on an endless loop and it is not always fun and games. I would love a money value set on what I can spend on the floors and what I can spend on the cabinets. Right now I am getting asked what I want with no way to really choose. My basic answer is always “what can I spend?”
I am gradually changing my answers. I picked out what type of cupboard doors I want and showed Jim. Easy peasy right? I hope so. He is consulting his cabinet maker. I am easy to please. I just want accessible cabinets. I want the cabinets that I was unable to completely use because they were so deep to be usable  Not too much to ask I think.

My doors are simple in design. What will be flashy in my kitchen is my knobs. I found some crystal knobs that I am in love with at World Market. When I know how many cabinets there are I will go get them for the crew to put on. I have asked for so little in the kitchen, just the white cabinets, sand colored granite counters, river rock backsplash, and a double sink.

My appliances are where I am in a quandary. I kind of want black appliances. I think the black would work with everything but the white cabinets. I am not getting white appliances, they will never match. I am not a real fan of the stainless appliances. I have noticed some attractive black and stainless appliances. That will probably be the way I go. I am getting a solid top stove that is my no give at all on thing.
There was a cabinet that I always called the cabinet where things go to die. It seemed to me if there was something no one liked they would hide them in that cabinet. Well, guess what? That cabinet will be gone. It will be my dishwasher. Yes, I am joining the 21st century and getting a dishwasher. About ding dang time! J We also will have an icemaker in our refrigerator. With the ancient pipes we had before we couldn’t have that. I am so excited. Sigh.

Furniture has been the hardest thing to replace. Seriously. We live in a town that has a population of over 100,000 people and we have like three furniture stores? We have a plethora of mattress stores but not furniture ones. Kody has been the best out of the kids picking out her furniture. She went to a local antique store and found some pieces for her little world.

Kody is a great shopper, she picked out a dresser with a hutch, a desk, and a nightstand for $309.47! All antique beautiful pieces. She is my bargain hunter on those things at least. She wants a bedframe that is a bit on the high end price in my thoughts. It may balance out. Loren isn’t bad at bargains. He picked out a dresser at the antique store that ended up costing me $20 + tax. Have to love bargain hunters.

We have been looking for dressers. Dressers are overpriced and frankly not constructed real well. I happened to luck out at Costco for a few pieces. I went out there and they had dressers and nightstands with cedar lined drawers. Plus an entertainment center for a flat screen TV that my mom had been eying. I got 3 six drawer dressers, 4 nightstands with one drawer and a moveable shelf, and the entertainment center all for $2715 and change. I was thrilled.

Scotty and I had the most uncomfortable mattress ever. So we decided to get our mattress ahead of time. We really wanted a Serta iComfort mattress. I am so glad we got it! My back is amazing now. It has cooling gel in it too. It’s been a pleasure sleeping on it! But, I was thinking that since I was buying a king mattress we were set. It could just get put in the bed frame we had from the insurance company. Not quite so lucky. Sigh. We order the mattress and foundation, they get delivered and guess what? The frame was a California king. So we had to go buy a bedframe. :/

Long time no blog and this is a boring one. Sorry guys! Next time I will have house pictures and an update on that!


  1. All sounds so exciting. That's great your kids are bargain hunters. Sounds like some good buys

    I am not fan of stainless steel either and I definitely do not like completely white appliances.

    We have white cabinets. Our fridge is solid black as well as our dishwasher.

    But our stove is black and white. I think it ties it all in nicely

    yay on getting a dishwasher!!

    1. It's a mixed bag. I had so much I could add and I will in another post. I will have a stainless sink though. They are easier to keep clean and don't chip like the porcelain ones do. I want a deep double stainless sink like I had before. I think the black appliances are easier to keep clean. That is what they have in this house.

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