Thursday, July 11, 2013

There's a great big beautiful tomorrow Shinin' at the end of ev'ry day There's a great big beautiful tomorrow And tomorrow's just a dream away..... Thank you to the Sherman Brothers

Progress! Amazing sweet progress! It’s time to talk the house! I went yesterday and took a tour of our house I took Loren and Kody with me. Because I am trying to do a photo journal of this whole experience. Nothing may ever come of it but it helps me to see how far we have come.

The smell of the new wood is great! It is a fresh clean smell. Something that I noticed yesterday is how small a framed house seems. The rooms all seem so tiny when you have sun and sky for a roof. I can hardly wait until the trusses get there so that have a two story again. I miss seeing the upstairs. That is Scotty and my domain. Soon Loren will be taking over the second room upstairs and we will share our domain.

Because the city inspector came in and changed things the furnace is now put into the crawl space. This kind of thrills me because that gives us a new linen closet downstairs and a bigger shower for us upstairs! It adds about a foot and a half to two feet bigger. To me that’s huge. It’s the little things I keep saying. Now two of the bathrooms and the kitchen are the only rooms I really have decided on. The upstairs bathroom is going to be a Disney Villains bathroom. I will be using the decals on this webpage. . For the front bathroom downstairs that my girl’s (not sure if 19 & 20 that girls is the right term) are having a Princess bathroom. Not sure about decals for it because they will have a shower curtain. Blue like Cinderella’s dress for the walls.

My kitchen will be my treasure. I am going to have white cabinets with some sort of kitchy handles. I am hoping to find something resembling sea shells. If anyone sees any let me know. I am going to have sand colored granite counter tops. I picked a back splash that resembles rocks. And the walls will be a light aqua. This is my dream kitchen. I consider Disney but the seashore won out. My flooring in there is where I start to stall a little. I am not sure what I want. This is a great mystery. The rest of the house with the exception of the kitchen and the bathrooms will be a laminate. I want a cherry wood colored laminate.

The outside colors I want are from Kelly Moore. They sell a heat resistant type paint. It is supposed to help to keep your house from getting too hot in the summer. I am leaning towards a tannish beige or even a gray with a Seattle red trim! Plus I want the doors painted Seattle red too. I have also kind of picked the living room and the family room colors. Plus the one for the hallway. But when it comes to Scotty and my bedroom I have no clue. I just stand there in front on the colors and I become overwhelmed. 

Just a few pictures of the house for you. :) Our house is a very fine house.


  1. So exciting!! Think your kitchen is going be beautiful. Walls will remind me of the ocean counter top the sand. Lowes normally has cool handle for kitchen cabinets.

    I like the idea of grey siding outside with red doors and trim. I think that will be wonderful

    For your bedroom, definitely pick light colors, that are soothing. Nothing real bright.

    1. I am just overwhelmed at all the choices. Lol