Monday, July 8, 2013

The old Hatter is gone But the Hat must go on Worn by me, is that understood? So shut up and tow the line, While I redefine How this all will be mine.....Thank you Mad Hatter and Company

Can someone tell me why when I changed the address on two magazines that we have delivered to the house that the Sports Illustrated that Loren has is the one that has attracted all of the new resident mail? Seriously? The other magazine was mine. I feel slighted in this.

Is this not one of the most sexist things you have heard? Frankly this makes me angry. They are sending all of these things to my almost 17 year old son. Yes, I know they don’t realize his age but you know what Home Depot, OSH and Lowe’s I am the one that goes the most often to purchase things from your stores. Or should I say I was. Ace Hardware maybe 15 miles away but they have not slighted me.

Ladies, let me ask you. When your house needs the light bulbs, paint colors picked out. Heck most household needs who is more apt to be the one to go to the store to pick these things up? More often than not it is not the “man” of the house. I am always the one to go to the hardware store. I know where things are better than Scotty or Loren.

I feel the need to stand up to these mail dominated businesses and tell them to shove off. At the OSH where Kacy works the management team is all women. Face it we are not staying in the kitchen anymore. We pick up hammers and nails now. If you want our money you better get used to it.

This is no longer a mail dominated world. Scotty is just as happy having me be the one to go to the hardware store. Heck my grandpa who was born in 1908 got it. He understood. My dad got it and he raised me to be this way. He is the one that taught me that real women go to hardware stores and auto part stores. He taught my sister Kathy and I how to do these things. Thank you Dad for letting us be all we could be!

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