Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hauling hazardous biological waste The light turns red you have no brakes And "Hard Copy" gets it all on tape So you can see the look on your face ......Thank you to The Bloodhound Gang

This post is going to be an angry post. This may not have my positive tilt towards things. Consider yourself forewarned. I have accepted things with grace since the fire. I have thanked the Lord, the firefighters, the Red Cross and hopefully everyone that has helped us in any little way. But this post I am going to address a different aspect.

This is to the pond scum out there. The jackasses that take advantage of a person when they are down. The creeps that have repeatedly broken into our burned out home and taken things. Yes, they are just things and they can all be replaced but the feeling of invasion is huge. It is at the point that no one feels safe about moving in. We are going to put in an alarm system while they are building the house.

They have been in so many times it hurts. Whenever anyone has gone to the house they notice something that is different. When does this stop? The house is a hazard. It is unhealthy it has been since the fire but now mold is growing from the moisture. Plus the fire damaged the upstairs bathroom so badly that black water is also in the house. I know I do not want anyone back in there.

When Scotty and Loren went back in a week ago it was to the point then that we decided that they would not go back in again until the rebuild begins. They found on the landing near where the front door should be all of Scotty’s tools packed into suitcases and bags. They were setting them up for their return trip. Kind of like their own layaway plans. These tools were deemed as a danger, that the heat made them unsafe. I called the insurance adjuster to ask her what to do. She said just leave it. We did.

We also found two hubcaps, the radio, and the side mirror from my 1965 Mustang hidden outside under the neighbor’s hedge. Scotty picked them up and threw them over the fence around the yard. We realize they will probably come back and get them, but we are not going to make it any easier for them. I hope they all never get rid of that awful smell of smoke. Not like me I know but frustration is a powerful drug. Peace out.

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