Monday, May 20, 2013

You say "Yes", I say "No". You say "Stop" and I say "Go, go, go". Oh no.

How do you fire someone? Do you say “gee I’m sorry but you just don’t do it for me?” Or “go away you bother me?” I have never had to do this before. Or should I say I have never had this opportunity before? Now I am face with doing that. When we whittled it down to 2 I just told him that I would call him. I mean the guy was calling me all the time.

I don’t want to cross the line. I want to sound strong and intelligent. But inside I am still that little girl. I am afraid that he won’t take no for an answer. I also worry about that fine line between lady/woman and bitch. In most things I am not worried about coming across as bitchy but you know this is business. I am woman hear me roar!! But, is there that line that you cross or am I caught in the past? Am I silly because I considered sending a thank you card and writing in their thanks but no thanks?

No, I will pull up my big girl panties and call him while I am out. Why am I calling while I am out you ask? Because this house is the black hole of Calcutta. There are only a few places that I get a signal to call out. I can text because of the Wi-Fi but no talking on the phone. Wish me luck! I will add that part when I get back!
Oh friends you would be proud. I called him and told him. He asked me why, I was nice. I didn’t tell him that I didn’t like him. I didn’t tell him it was because I didn’t like the fact that he played grabby on my leg. I am not a fan of that. No, I took the high road. I told him that we appreciated his bid but we decided to go another way. That it was a group decision. It was.

Our contractor we chose is a very nice family man. He owns the company and it is a big enough company that his company has been featured on HGTV’s show Curb Appeal more than once. The ideas for the house are great. We are going to make the master bedroom and the master bath accessible for a wheel chair. This is because my mom is not getting any younger and I want to make sure that she can have that.
Next time I think I may bore you with some plans. J


  1. Glad you found a good contractor and one you are comfortable with. You are better person than me letting him go nicely. Good for you :)

    1. Thank you. I am trying hard to be a good person. It is soooo hard. :)