Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there You're as welcome as can be M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E......Thank you Mickey!!

“M” is a pretty great letter. Right now I will say that it is my favorite letter. Of course that will change as sure as the wind will change directions. Why is “M” your favorite letter Michele you may ask? Well, friends let me tell you……”M” is the first letter in Monday and the third letter in demolition. Can you guess? Monday is Demolition Day!!! Yes, friends they are starting to clear the place out and start tearing it down!!!
What does that mean you ask? That means that reconstruction can begin so that we can go home!!! Yes, my favorite letter “M” is the third letter in home. It is everywhere. It called today when I called the insurance adjuster I told him that everyone was finished going through the house and that we just wanted to get it torn down. It needs to be gone.

Am I sad? It may sound funny but yes in a way I am sad. This is the end of an era. Am I happy? Oh hell yes!!! This is the beginning of a new era. Now it is time to start thinking about new possibilities. And one of the most important things included into our home construction is an alarm system. Are you all noticing all of the “M”s appearing in my words? I sure “M”!! J

I was told by Ken our contractor that maybe for about a week I will want to keep my mom away from the house. Things like her beloved piano that was built in 1906 will be in the trash. My 1965 Mustang is being taken away. I will be kind of glad to see it go even though I want to cry about it right now. I learned to drive in that car, I used to cruise in that car. We had many a good adventure until I bought my first car. Are you ready for it? No “M”s involved here, it was a 1971 Super Beetle. What can I say? It was cheap and in my budget. I paid $900 and had more than my money worth of fun out of it.

Of course there have been a lot of cars that have been fun in my life. Like my dad had this amazing Mazda RX-7. It had a sunroof on it. I can remember many a sunburn Dina and I go riding around to one adventure or another in it. It went to Lake Tahoe and many other places. Great memories! Yes, I have other “M”s in my life like my melted Mickey Mouse antennae ball. I am fond of my “M”s.


  1. M is a great letter !!! So glad it is beginning!!

    1. It is my favorite letter right now for sure!!