Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping? What, what, what, what... Oh! Oh! I'm gonna pop some tags Only got twenty dollars in my pocket I-I-I'm huntin' Lookin for a come up.......(thank you Kelly for the suggestion

One of the things about moving into a rental house that has concerned me is needing things to make it into a home. The little dust collectors, the things that remind you that you live there. I have always had books and things like that. Those are the things that make my house a home. I decided that it was time to go get some.

The only place to go to get some knick knacks and bric a bracs was to the thrift shop. You mention thrift shop and Kody is ready to go! Good thing because that was where we were going. While we were at Velo Wrench Bicycle Shop in Vacaville, CA Kody and I visited the thrift store two doors down. What a treasure it was to find.

It is a little tiny little shop but what she does with her little space is amazing!! Also she knows a sucker when she sees one. I mean that in the nicest way. There was this little tea set that I was enamored with. I was not willing to pay $9 for it. Cheapskate aren’t I? She lowered the price to $6. Now that I would pay. I have just the place to put it. There is an island in the middle of the kitchen that is just perfect for it. I found other treasures that screamed at me and I got them. More on that later.

Kody found treasures for herself. She found a Winnie the Pooh dressed up as a lucky cat. This is a big deal for her, she loves Pooh bear and she loves lucky cats. She also found a Humpty Dumpty tea pot without a lid that she can put flowers in. There were several things that she found that she liked I wouldn’t get. At least not yet, kind of glad that I didn’t because we have managed to get so much stuff to move.

Where did it all come from? Well there were those few things that we got at the next thrift store. Honestly here just a few more things. ;) On Friday or Saturday I don’t remember which day we hit the local antique mall. Oy! I fell in love with this little ceramic Asian couple and had to have them. But, the biggest treasure was what Kacy found. She found a Fantasia snow globe. That was her favorite movie when she was a little girl. She wore that video tape out, and as soon as it came out on DVD we got it for her. It was lost in the fire.

We will go back. I didn’t managed to see it all. Also Kody found a desk from the 1970’s that she thought was amazing. Kacy found several pieces she wanted including a metal vase. It seems that Kacy’s decade for treasures in the 1950’s. Ironically the last decade she would want to be from. It’s funny how life is that way. To me the biggest treasure that I found at the antique store was a Carter/Mondale button pin that I found for Scotty.

The point of all this? Tomorrow, yes tomorrow when we move into the rental house I can make it into a home. I can hardly wait. No matter how nice the staff is here at the Staybridge Suites I will be glad to move. Oh yes I will. We all will!!


  1. Glad I could help and now I am singing that tune..lol Sounds like you all found quite a few treasures. I am so happy you all are moving to a rental home tomorrow. Now you can slowly start getting back some normalcy <3

    1. With any luck it will start to go more smoothly. Or at least I hope so.