Thursday, May 9, 2013

The touch, the feel the fabric of our lives The touch, the feel of cotton The fabric of my life Thank you Zooey Deschanel

These are the times of our lives…..or are they? We finally moved into a house. Dance and shout let’s get it out. Okay now we talk about what’s what. I love the house it is in a great location and it has more cupboard and closet space than I have ever seen in a house. It has stone tile that is beautiful on the bottom floor and hardwood floor in the entry.

It is huge, trust me I Swiffer mopped it this morning. It has vaulted ceilings in the living room. Unfortunately the only furniture we have in there is a TV stand, a TV and Loren’s Xbox. Because the furniture company did not deliver that. It will be here on Wednesday. Oh and that beautiful stone tile it isn’t as beautiful once your phone falls and your screen cracks into a spider webbed disaster. :’( But yay for an amazing insurance for cell phones from Asurion I had a replacement in a little over 12 hours. But no service because this house has major blind spots for cell phones. All not near plugs.

But, it has a beautiful kitchen with cupboards, oh so many cupboards. Thank you to the amazing Brandon from Travelers Haven. We have a furnished house. There are queen sized beds in the kids and my mom’s rooms and a king size one in Scotty’s and my room. They have night stands and dressers. Unfortunately in our room we only one night stand. Obviously there is a flaw in the plan there. By the time the living room has furniture, we get our second night stand, lamp plus our washer and dryer it will be amazing right?

I mean they provided all of the housewares, I mean all of it!! Brandon is one kickass guy, he told me he is like my concierge. Well he is!! Today we are getting our internet and cable. Have I mentioned that Brandon rocks? Well he does. But…..and here is the big but. When we walked through the house the first time there were things that we noticed that needed to be fixed. The owner was supposed to come in last weekend to fix it all

Yesterday, I get here with our first load and to do the walk. I was full of hope, I was told the owner had fixed the holes in the walls, touched up the paint. Fixed the two showers upstairs and the bath in the spare bath. But, alas no he had not visited and oh the joys and surprises the three car garage is full of their things. Seriously? This is what the insurance company is paying for?

I put down every little freaking thing on paper and we documented everything with photos. So the owner is supposed to come in on Saturday and fix every little thing. Including the fence. Sigh. :/ But I love this house, for all of the warts and bumps because you know what? We are together, and today one month after the fire we have each other, the dogs are able to run in a big backyard. For all of the not so great things I am happy here. I am sitting at the dining room table on my laptop feeling the breeze blow through my windows around me. There are windows behind me and next to me. There is a beautiful breeze blowing and I am a happy camper.

Who can be unhappy when they have a home and place to lay their head next to love of their lives? Who can be unhappy when they know that downstairs their mom is alive and well? Who can be unhappy when they can hear their kids, whether they are arguing or getting along? Who can be unhappy when they see their dogs romping in the yard or laying under a shade tree with their tongues hanging out with a doggy smile on their faces? Who can be unhappy watching a peacock walk across their front yard? It’s not the turkeys we normally have at home but I’ll take it.

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