Sunday, May 5, 2013

This hotel room got a lot of stuff A laundry bag and a shoe shine cloth Thirty-two hangers and a touch-tone phone Well a light that comes on when I'm not home I ain't home, I ain't home You better leave a message cause I ain't home......Borrowed from Jimmy Buffett's song "This Hotel Room"

This hotel life has its ups and its downs. For the dogs it has been especially rough. At home they can come and they can go. Here they cannot. They get to walk to go to the bathroom. They have two wonderful trips to the dog park and they got to go bye bye to pick daddy up from work. The majority of their time is spent in their crates, the poor things.

Annabel has a wart that has to be removed and the vet wants her to have a cone. The dreaded cone of shame. So this too will wait. Just another thing to go the never ending wait list. Roy is like a caged lion he is constantly pacing, he paces whether he is in his crate or wandering the room. I feel so deeply for our babies.

The girls are going crazy being constantly feeling like they are being judged by all of the guests that stare at them. Look at the tattooed girls…Midwestern people. What can I say? If the kid’s keys need to be re-magnetized they say, “again?” I end up being the one to visit the desk if anyone needs a key or anything. I want just once want someone else to visit the desk for themselves or for me. Forgive me while I whine.

But Loren has bent over backwards to do things for me. If I don’t eat he will ask if he can fix me something. With Scotty and I having our birthdays the last few days we have had cupcakes and ice cream here. He got me a bowl of ice cream and there was none left for him. I tried to convince him that I didn’t want it that he should have it. He wouldn’t take it until I told him that I told him he would be doing me a favor to take it.

The girls have it hard, not only are they in a separate room from us but it is down the hall. We have had this traumatic event in our lives and they have had to be alone. I cannot imagine night time when it gets dark and we are not as close as we might be at home. What brave grown ups they have become. It isn’t easy I am sure. We are out and away from town so that isn’t easy for any friends to visit. Thankfully they have their cell phones and computers to use.
This will be Michele’s whiny post. My mom has really started to show the stress. I can hardly wait until we get into a house. It will be much better for her. Have I mentioned what a hike it is to do laundry? My mom doesn’t like to walk that far, especially since it takes 3 hours to dry a load of clothes. I brought my clean clothes back wet to hang up in our bathroom. When questioned why I didn’t dry them in the dryer I replied why when I can hang them up and they will dry just as fast that way. I can hardly wait until I have a washer and dryer in the house to use. What a thrill that will be!!


  1. I really feel for you and everyone in your family. Only 2 nights left and then you can finally be in house and not deal with all people at the hotel and the dogs can have a yard to roam free in, et al. Not much longer xoxox

    1. Thank you Kelly. It is crazy! But n a high note I got the smoke smell out of Scotty's bike uniform!